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Soul Journey Session

​(AKA Past Life Regression/Hypnosis)

Approximately 90 Minutes

(including pre-talk) $250

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90 Minute In-Person Soul Journey Session  $250.00

Manteca California


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"My expertise/specialty, my passion, is past life recall. Throughout the years I have come to understand that my clients experienced much more than a past life during a session. I've decided using Soul Journey Session is more appropriate. From now on I will be using that term to describe a past life regression."

- Vera 

A Soul Journey Session is an adventure to say the least! It explores the boundaries of time and the journey your soul has been on through lifetimes, in-between lives and on the Other Side. You may also visit deceased relatives, pets and receive guidance from your Angels, Spirit Guides and Master Teachers. Having a session is truly transforming where you can finally receive answers to your life lessons. 

​Why should you have a session?

Having a Sol Journey session Hypnosis) is a lesson in self discovery, where you can finally receive answers to your life's journey and opens up a whole new world of understanding. Its a time to release negative Cell Memory that you may have brought into your current life and bring forward talents and strengths that maybe latent. It can be a session of revelation and healing such as, finding out why you have a medical issue a doctor can't explain or fun to know why you have a quirky obsession.

(Please note: A hypnotist with any credibility will not see a client with pain unless seen by a medical doctor first. Pain is an indication something is amiss in the body. Qualified, credible hypnotists help clients with chronic pain only. Please for your own good do not disregard any pain you are experiencing.)

An example of a session for an intense healing is from my client M came to see me for chronic back issues. She had debilitating pain in her upper, middle and lower back. She was diagnosed with severe curvature of the spine and was taking huge doses of pain medication and shots. M was at her wits end and wanted to find pain relief without having to take so much medication. 

In her session she experienced three different lifetimes in which she had injuries to her back. The most significant life for her was the Templar life in France. She was riding through a forest where she was surprised by the enemy and surrounded. The horse was startled and she was thrown off. The horses hoof landed right in the middle of her back in such a way, it severed her spine, rendering her paralyzed from the waist down. She was saved by her fellow Templars but was bedridden the rest of that life, feeling helpless and hopeless until her death. After all, she was a Templar and always felt a need to serve which carried over into her current life.

We released the negative cell memory from that past life and brought forward the strong healthy back she had before. The feeling of helplessness from those injuries was released as well. After all, we have already experienced the challenging situations, trauma, etc. in our past life. We don't need to experience that negativity again. Kind of like, "Been there, done that." We look back for understanding and a plan for our current life.

Another example of a session is my client S. She did not have anything specific she wanted to explore. (Just so you know, your Soul Mind will take you exactly where you need to go, not necessarily where you consciously want it to go.) 

S found herself in London in the late 1800's. Her name was Lucy Cooper, a teenager, who clearly loved life and worked in a sweatshop clothing factory. It was amazing she even got the job as she didn't know how to sew! Lucy was proficient at cutting out patterns and did so with great speed. She made a deal with her co-workers that she would cut out all the patterns if they sewed enough clothes to where she met the minimum quota. She died in a fire in that clothing factory but was very brave and tried to calm the ladies by singing.  

There were a few things that made so much sense to S after viewing Lucy's life..... One amazing thing was S had to have a sewing machine in her home. She did not sew and never used the machine. S was deathly afraid of dying in a fire and after seeing Lucy's life, totally understood why. We released the fear of fire and she was no longer afraid to die period, which offered her great peace.

There you have it, I've given you only two examples of past lives which immensely helped my clients and gives you a peek into the realm of possibilities you may experience when you schedule a Soul Journey Session!

​Hypnosis/Soul Journey is meaningful work and very rewarding and I look forward to working with you on your path to spiritual growth!

Soul Journey session

(AKA Past Life Regression/Hypnosis)