Due to Covid-19 concerns, Zoom/Facetime reading are available in lieu of in-person. In-person will resume when safe. Thank you for understanding!

​​Your Issues - My Answers

  *Telephone Reading $120

*Zoom or Facetime Reading $150

*(Readings are up to 30 min.)


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I am a Past Life Specialist... 

My specialty is tapping into your past lives and current life to answer questions and/or issues you are curious about or struggling to understand. 

I am unconventional because rather than beginning my consultation by telling you about what I pick up for you, I encourage my clients to ask questions and discuss their lives. I want to get into your main concerns instead of (validating) what I may pick up for you first. Whatever the issues and concerns are we work it out together. Enlightenment is the key, Empowerment is the goal!

This is how I honed my craft - through conversation, an exchange of energy! 

For more than two decades, I have utilized my intuitive abilities and connection to the Other Side (Heaven) to guide you through major life decisions, such as relationships, health, personal life, career, finances, family, and spiritual. Frequently, there is a past life affecting your current life and I am able to tell you the past-life origin and/or cell memory to help you release the negativity that you may be carrying.  There is also positive attributes to bring forward from a past life such as, creativity, strengths, musical abilities, writing, humanitarism, and the list goes on!

The advice you receive in your session should be personally activated upon. I can tell you the options you have in your *Life Chart but you must take responsibility and activate on the information. The old saying, "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink," applies here. You are in control of your life!

Let me give you an idea of how your consultation will work. I start with a short prayer and protect you and me with white light, to have the best session possible. I tap into your questions/life issues and the past life it may come from. This is why I ask you to be specific in the questions you have and put them in order of importance to you. That way the most important questions are taken care of first!

 As we converse, we together to find the best solutions/options that work for you to improve your life.​ I help you understand your Life Chart to make the best choices at whatever crossroads you are at the time. I help you understand your unique Life Chart, and have the spiritual tools to be the healthiest and happiest YOU. 

Because of lateral movement in our life, determining the timing of events can be a bit off when it involves two or more people.

Please realize we charted challenges in our lives to help us grow spiritually and to experience for God. Knowing this, helps us understand why we are going through difficulties. Knowledge is Power!

Your session is up to 30 minutes. I recommend you ask your most important questions first. Any remaining time can be used for any additional questions. 

Many Blessings Vera 💜

​Vera does not take missing persons or homicide questions. 

* Read Philosophy 101 terms that Vera might mention during your Intuitive Consultation.​​

Intuitive Past Life Reading