Q: People going out to restaurants and all that may have drastically changed.

A: It’s going to be.

Q: It sounds like restaurants and similar jobs aren’t going to make it for many of us anymore.

A: This was just the big shove that everybody needed because people weren’t doing what they were supposed to from the top down. This virus was going to happen no matter what but it wouldn’t have gotten this bad had it been with people that were able to handle situations not these, he’s saying, clowns (like the current administration and those in power going along with what Trump is doing).But people had to be reminded of what is important and what is not. It was getting too…he’s showing me, Sodom and Gomorrah, when people start going crazy and just doing whatever they want and not honoring other people’s ways or the Earth. Its all about them so they can feel good and how much money they can make. It always destroys itself because that’s not what we’re here for.

​​He’s saying that government has been like that, here and there, throughout time because you’re always going to have people who want to tear things down instead of build them up. But it’s where, the people who are here to build things up, and I believe he’s talking about light souls, they’re just getting caught up on that negativity so it has to…he’s saying it’s like a ‘come to Jesus’ meeting...

..."If you’re going to continue to do this, this is what’s going to happen and this is not even as bad as it’s going to get unless you start changing your ways.” It’s just humankind. It’s things that we’ve gone through historically apparently. But this administration really derailed everything. We were just hanging on and now we’re just hanging on by a fingernail.

Q: Any more advice to keep our self or our loved ones safe? Just keep being really protective?

A: Very. Be as much around just people that don’t go out a lot. Try to make it to going out to the store only once every two weeks. Be very careful because there arw people who don’t care. They don’t believe it. They don’t think it’s going to be that bad. Denial. But this little monster (the virus) is a monster.

He’s saying there’s not going to be a cure, if you want to call it that, until all of this is done, and then they’ll be able to figure out how to kill it. Then if we continue to not do what we’re supposed to do to help the planet, one is going to come that’s even worse. It’ll mutate from that (virus).

Q: So that cure might not be until next year when we have a new administration and new programs?

A: Right. It’s going to be even longer than that but yes. At least there’ll be the right people in there doing all they can.

Q: We’ll still have this stay at home order in place for a long time?

A: For a while and then it’s going to be a reconstructive kind of time. Instead of making people work at the office maybe they can work at home and go to the office once or twice a week. It’s going to have to be a simpler life but we still have this technology. So it’s not going to be as simple as it was in the 1900’s but it will be simpler than where we were heading. He’s saying look at Atlantis and all that technology and what it did to them, because you get too arrogant and you think you know everything and you can do more and do better. You can but not to the point where that’s more important than human connection and what is right for everybody, not just a select few.

He’s saying this earth had a tough chart but we don’t evolve unless we go through all these challenges.

He’s just telling us all to be safe and try to stay in as much as we can. We can walk and all that  but cover our face, even when we’re walking.

Q: Is that because the virus now contagious in other ways?

A: Animals and yes.

Q: And even hovers in the air?

A: That’s why they want the six feet apart because it can last in the air but it’s not going to last that long. He’s just saying that this virus has to be respected. He wants to tell everybody how horrible it is but he doesn’t want us to be in fear.

Q: The energy we’ve been feeling lately is just the negativity hanging around that he described recently

A: Yes.

Q: So we just have to do our best to stay on top of it?

A: Yes and just talk to people and have them not be afraid. But things have got to change and there’s no more time for talk There’s no more time. He’s saying, you know how the earth was wobbling before? It’s now really wobbling.

Q: So it’s really teetering to where the end of the planet is happening really soon?

A: Yes but really soon would be like 60 more years. If we change things it could go about 150 years instead. He’s showing me Trump and saying, there’s strength in numbers. You just got to get people to understand that things have to change, it just has to…or not. But then there wouldn’t be anyone to enjoy anything because it’s not going to be here. He’s telling us not to panic. Everything will be the way it should.

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Angus -Master Teacher on the Other Side ​through Psychic Medium Vera  
5/31 - 6/6/2020



All of you, everything that each of you have gone through. You are amazing! Believe it! Live it, love it, learn it!

So that’s what I’m telling all of you. Just do the best you can while you’re here. That’s all that we ask of you. That’s all that you put your stamp on. We’re not looking for A+s. It’s the experiences.

And all this worrying about what other shows are doing…get that out of your heads. I know you look at stats and things…but just do what you’re doing, see what works, what doesn’t work and keep going and it will all come into place.

And I could tell you the exact day, the time, the seconds…but then what do you learn? You may skate and say well, I’m going to make it there; that’s the day I’m going to make it. But if you don’t do anything to get to that…it’s much more powerful when you learn it, and you feel it, and you taste it, then somebody saying, “This is what you’re going to do next.” That’s what I want for you guys. 

Q: Is it going to get worse?

Angus: Oh yea. Yea. But it depends on what you all do. There’s always light at the end of that tunnel. Which may not be light for you all. If things don’t work out, there’s going to be no more planet. Then we all start over on different planets and start over again until we don’t need that experience anymore….which will never happen. That will never happen. Not the way that Mother and Father are.



If you all would just know how much you’re loved. I really, really wish you would see you how we see you; how Mother and Father see you. You would never have a doubt in your mind about why you’re here and what you’re doing.

But we know that when you come into life, we know that negativity compounds. That’s why you’re here. To be able to handle all situations perfectly? That’s on the Other Side. That’s where we are and we’re helping. But while you’re in life, you’re going to have those days; it’s just part of the process.

But more and more you are coming to the plate, is the only thing I can say. At least you’re coming to the bat. Where some people won’t even do that. So pretty soon, you’ll be hitting home runs. Will you strike out? Of course. But more often than not, it’s going to be the latter, than what it’s been.

All the experiences you’ve had, it all comes together in what you have coming up in your lives. So all of those things that you thought, ”Why am I going through this?” That is why. Because you are able to help people and maybe some of them won’t have to go through the extreme parts of what you’ve been through, for them to learn. They’ll start to learn it without having to learn it the hard way. You’re still going to have those but everyone learns different. But the thing is, you came to the plate. Sometimes you’re dragged but you stand there and you do it…and that’s why we’re so proud of all of you and how far you’ve come.



He’s saying we’re kind of in a holding pattern because all this stuff going on but don’t get frustrated and just see light at the end of the tunnel.

The energy we're all picking up on is that lethargic energy...it's just from what’s going on. He said it’s very stressful for everyone even the people on the Other Side. It’s stressful for them too.

However, there’s also ones (lost-light entities) that can’t wait, and he (Trump) has a plan. He still thinks he’s not going anywhere. He makes himself believe what he’s telling everybody and he’s got all the groupies around him that will tell him whatever he wants to hear. He said you’ll see them start to jump ship like rats. He’s saying we’re feeling that oppression but things will work out. It’s just going to take time.

Angus is telling us all to hang in there; he’s protecting us. Put one foot in front of the other and keep your head up.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Angus-Master Teacher on the Other Side ​through Psychic Medium Vera  


Angus is showing me Angels covering the planet and how they’re trying to help and protect. He’s showing me a picture of Earth and all the Angels are holding hands all the way around the whole planet. Millions of them. Earth is covered.

Q: Is this because of the pandemic?

A: Yes. They’re trying to hold it up and do healing. They’re surrounding us.

Q: Is it also to heal this situation with Trump and all that signifies, or more so just this pandemic?

A: No I think it’s everything…healing, protection…it’s serious. Not that they haven’t done that before (covering the planet) but he’s never showed me that before. He is just saying how serious it is and he knows people have to understand that it’s real. He’s just saying that when things change, it’ll get where people will believe what the government is saying more but there’s going to be a lot of work, a lot of catch up from what they’ve done the last four years. There has been a lot of damage, a lot; and not just the virus. That is just the tip of the ice burg.

A: lot of people think this Coronavirus is just going to go away; that in a couple months it’ll be better and it’s not. It’s just starting. It’s going to be huge.

Q: So it’s really going to be changing our lifestyle?

A: Very much.

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