Hypnotists have mystical powers: This myth comes from Dr. Anton Mesmer who believed he solely had the power to heal his patients with magnets. Other Doctors who used hypnosis proved the patient was an integral part of the healing process. ​

​Hypnosis is occult and brings in evil: This could not be more wrong as the client is in control of what they want to experience. Also we are all protected by the Soul Mind (God protected).  A client will not go anywhere or bring anything up if they are not ready to do so.

A client can get “stuck” in hypnosis and won’t come back: There is no way a client won’t come back from hypnosis. Sometimes a client wants to stay in a state of hypnosis because it feels so good but always, always they come back to their conscious state.  In some cases a client will fall asleep but THEY WAKE UP! Everyone has a chart to complete, a contract with God, so guess what…you are not going anywhere :)  but back to yourself.

Not all people can be hypnotized: There is truth to this but let me explain why. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and an inherent human ability, therefore all people can be hypnotized. Not all hypnotists can hypnotize all clients. Some people work better with a different healing modality such as meditation, prayer, etc. so as a hypnotist I want whatever works for my client. Also there has to be trust between hypnotist and client.  Hypnotists are one of the tools in the client’s toolbox to aid them in whatever they want to accomplish.

l will add more information here soon to shed some more light in regards to hypnosis, so as to bring understanding. I am confident that all of the myths and misconceptions of hypnosis will be in the past. Its the 21st century after all…

From Vera Espana...
I am passionate about the world of hypnosis and trust that the myths and misconceptions won’t be a hindrance to people who can benefit from hypnosis. I've talked with Christina in recent videos about a few myths and misconceptions such as; a hypnotist has the power to manipulate and take control of the client, to -I’m too powerful and too smart to be hypnotized. Here are a few more that I would like to mention.


Hypnosis is an unnatural state: Hypnosis is a natural state of being akin to daydreaming. Some people expect hypnosis to “feel” different and are disappointed. Someone hypnotized has a heightened state of awareness. They can hear a pin drop so to speak. A client always ‘knows’ what is going on around them.

Myths & Misconceptions

Of Hypnosis