From Christina's Art Studio: 
"Art for the Soul is inspired by knowledge from Angus (Master Teacher on the Other Side) through Vera during hypnosis/trance sessions. With meticulous detail, I render pencil drawings, bringing his teachings to life. I strive to visually achieve the purpose behind each piece whether to validate the presence of heavenly beings around us, or affirm our timeless inner qualities, and soul's journey." 


Your art is gorgeous. I just can't describe their beauty - very ethereal and I can tell that you have seen them. I saw a Principality once and that is exactly what it looked like. The planet needs more people like you Christina– you are truly blessed and touched by the hand of God."- Sandra J.

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Art for the Soul collections include:​​


These are interpretations of the Divine Feminine -Mother God, affirming Her supreme protection and healing. Equally, they represent qualities which lie within us like strength, dignity, and radiance. I use ancient symbols such as the sun, moon, and totem animals, to denote traits unique to each Goddess.


My Angel portraits showcase unique qualities of actual Angel phylum, as well as Angels which inspire our virtues in life, known as the Golden Keys of Knowledge. This art is an affirmation of their presence in our life, bringing us protection, comfort, and guidance. 


Guardians & Messengers

These images signify the throngs of entities on the Other Side who tirelessly work to help us along our life path. They also signify the countless many throughout history who were champions for good and for God, symbolizing all who have found the courage to follow their destiny.

Soul Mates

​These illustrations are glimpses throughout time representing the soul's journey we have all embarked upon through many lifetimes. This series features the great love we share with our Soul Mate, whether in life with us or waiting for us on the Other Side.

Art for the Soul

images of the ancient & eternal