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Thank you both.. the two of you ladies are like a gentle breeze that opens our hearts to hearing the love you share with each and everyone of us. You are so greatly loved and appreciated! -Linda F

Join us for: Spiritual techniques to help with PTSD for Veterans and those affected by negativity -whether violence, abuse, negative programming, survivors guilt, anxiety etc. Tools for Protection, Visualization...

Join us for: Not giving our power away, curses/hexes, dream interpretation and soul stalking.

Soul stalking: I thought I knew it all. You ladies are bringing me new things to learn more about. Plus - you are both lovely. Thank you! 

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Join us for: Releasing fear, Gnostic-Christian and spiritual beliefs.

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with Christina and Vera!

Join us for: Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King's past life.


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Join us for: How to deal with judgement and #Metoo.

My angel brought me to you two. You are the best. Thank You for always showing love to humanity. -Ey Y.

Join us for: Healing Techniques

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