Spiritual Potpourri

Angel of Compassion

* The information contained within does not intend to serve as medical advice, cure any diseases and should not be relied upon in your health-related decision making. The information is available to assist in expanding and developing one's understanding of prevailing attitudes and beliefs within the medical and holistic fields.

What a magnificent messenger! I was just outside in my backyard with my cats, letting them be cats. I was reading a book and gently swinging on my favorite swing. When all of a sudden my mama cat went for something on the fence! A gorgeous hawk. She was just staring at me and for a few moments I just stared back at her. Then she stared at my mama cat and I stood up and said, “Thank you for your visit.” She looked back at me and gently flew off. 

Then I remembered asking for a sign that things would work out for our country, for our greatest good, for all of us. I wanted a sign that would be RIGHT IN MY FACE so I would know without hesitation the answer. 
Thank you thank you Mother and Father! 

From my Medicine Cards book, Sams and Carson: I am paraphrasing...
Hawk is the messenger of the Gods. 
The magic of life is telling you there is power to overcome stressful or difficult situations. Hawk may be sending you signals to examine your life from a higher perspective. From this vantage point you maybe able to discern opportunities coming your way and discern hazards which bar you from freedom of flight. Remember: Hawk has a keen eye and a bold heart , for Hawk flies close to the light of Grandfather Sun. 
Blessings and love to everyone  💜 Vera

Angus on the Other Side has revealed that so many of us have had far more past lives than we would’ve imagined! This is to gain the Golden Keys of Knowledge through our myriad of experiences and one of the greatest Keys is Compassion.

Compassion drives us on the Other Side. We come into this planet, ultimately to help others because our quest to gain Golden Keys of Knowledge is with the purpose of using them to help others. On the Other Side, entities plan their life charts before coming into life and heal from their life times when returning home, with our knowledge and experiences as examples. There are multitudes of entities watching and learning from us while we’re in life. The more challenging our experiences, the more we learn and in affect, the more we help others.

This is all out of compassion and it’s one of our biggest assets. It’s also what pushes us to help others, whether our loved ones or strangers we see suffering. We have pure compassion within us and our Angel of Compassion helps us remember and utilize it. She touches our heart and we will just know when it’s an opportunity to help, that we wrote into our Life Chart.

Most of all, your Angel of Compassion insists you have compassion for yourself. It’s admirable to have it for others but essential to have it for you. You deserve to be loved, to see your worth and to have happiness in your life.

Many blessings! 💙 Christina