Past Lives, Psychic Answers and Angels together in one! Vera and Christina combine their specialties to bring healing, empowerment and enlightenment!


Vera and Christina began their journey together seeking information that would help them in their life and what they found was far greater. Their path led them to empowering knowledge from the Other Side, healing Past Life information and Angels powerfully assisting in every aspect of life.

Vera and Christina have combined 30 plus years experience in the psychic field, teaching Past Life/Hypnosis and Angel classes, creating original spiritual art, and spiritual counseling at Sylvia Browne's office/Novus Spiritus...and that's only the beginning! For over twelve years together, they've had countless trance sessions channeling the Other Side, Psychic Readings, Angel information and Spiritual Art, helping to bring the understanding that heals and empowers.

Not only does their Psychic, Past Life and Angel specialties compliment each other...they become exponentially more powerful combined together! For this reason, they have brought their expertise together through Past Lives and Angels.

This is not your typical psychic service or average art. This is Psychic/Past Life answers, spiritual knowledge and Angel artwork fused with new information from Angus (Master Teacher on the Other Side), all with a Gnostic bent.

This is what you can look forward to in your package:

Up to 15 minutes of psychic and past life insights, spiritual information and Angel knowledge designed to your individual needs, AND an Angel art print that we select personally for you in your situation. The art print is to act as a visual reminder of the information from Vera and Christina that goes into your subconscious whenever you see it; it is a physical affirmation magnifying your healing, empowerment and enlightenment!


  1. Fill out the form below, including  your question (ONE question) in 50 words or less and BE SPECIFIC.​ The more specific the question, the more specific the answer.
  2. Please know, if you ask more than one question in your request, we will have to return your submission for correction. 
  3. After we receive your form, we will send you an invoice for payment. ($13 is added to International clients to cover Angel art shipping cost from the United States.)
  4. Once payment is made, questions are answered on the following Saturday. 
  5. We will video-record your response and send you an email containing a Dropbox link. Follow the link to retrieve your video-recorded Past Lives & Angels answer. (You have 2 weeks to retrieve your video response before it is removed from Dropbox.)​
  6. At that time, we will ship your Angel art print to you through USPS. It will be a 9 x 12 inch image on 11 x 14 inch card stock paper. (Sorry, we do not send digital copies of art.)
  7. ​​If you need to cancel, please email and we will issue you a full refund, minus credit card fees. 

​​​​​​​​Your Questions - Our Insight


1 Question Video response & Angel Art print( approximately 15 minutes)

Past Lives & Angels


Hey Vera And  Christina I love this topic. For me, understanding Who I once was and what I went through and felt in that other life helped me get a good understanding and perspective in the changes I needed to make in this life. Changes that’s helped me evolve as a human; soul, mind, body and spirit. I will always be grateful for you ladies and Angus helping me take the first steps with my journey. As I continue with the awakening of my soul, I send you all much love and gratitude.  -Eric O,

​​​​​Hi Vera and Christina,
I received my beautiful artwork today and I just wanted to thank you both for the wonderful experience this reading provided. I have been interested in pet psychics my entire life, and since I was little I've been reading books, watching videos, and practicing telepathy with animals on my own. Animal rights are also something I've always been passionate about, but it's interesting because before this reading I hadn't ever seriously considered that helping animals is something I could peruse as my career at some point. This reading helped to validate aspects of myself that I had written off as weird or not taken seriously.
I had also been feeling a bit lost about what steps I should take next in my life, but a few weeks after this reading I was sitting at work one day and everything just clicked and I knew what I should do next. I've decided on making a career change and going back to school for something that I've been interested in for a long time and can use to directly help animals in the future. I've also been taking my interest in pet psychics more seriously, and I'm going to start making more time to practice and see where it leads me :). 
Thank you both for all your guidance, I feel like I've finally been able to break through a block and make changes to move into the next phase of my life. -Mary P.