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The Unconventional Psychic...That's me!

My specialty is tapping into your past lives to answer your questions and issues of today. 


What makes me unconventional? I've gotten psychic impressions my entire life through conversation. During my 20 years of providing hypnosis sessions, I received psychic impressions about my clients past lives and how they were affecting their current life. My clients told me about themselves and their issues and the impressions poured in. This is how I honed my craft - through conversation an exchange of energy. I am unconventional because rather than beginning my consultations with telling a client about every aspect of their life, I encourage my clients to ask me questions and discuss their life. Whatever the issues and concerns are we work it out together. 

For nearly two decades, I have utilized my intuitive abilities to guide clients through major life decisions, such as: relationships, health, personal life, career, finances, family, and spiritual. Frequently there is a past life affecting your current life and I am able to tell you the past-life origin or cell memory to help you release the negativity that you may be carrying.   

Utilizing my God-given gift of heightened intuition and connection with the Other Side, I work together with my clients to find the best solutions for your life issues, how to reach your goals, and to stay on track.

The advice you receive in your session should be personally activated upon. I can tell you the options you have in your *Life Chart but you must take responsibility and activate on the information. 

Let me give you an idea of how your consultation will work. I start with a short prayer and *White Lighting ourselves so that we have the best session possible. My psychic ability to tap into your questions/life issues and the past life it comes from, first ignites when I look over your questions. This is why I ask you to be specific in the questions you submit ahead of time.

On the phone as we converse, we start working together to find the best solutions/options that work for you to improve your life.​ I help you understand your Life Chart, make the best choices at the crossroads in your life, as well as interacting with people along the way​. I help you to want to reach your goals and be the healthiest and happiest you can be. 

Then I send you on your way to follow your Life Chart so you can live your life to the fullest!

Because of lateral movement in our life, determining the timing of events  can be challenging when it involves two or more people.

Your session is up to 30 minutes. We recommend you ask your most important questions first. Any remaining time can be used for any additional questions.

Vera does not take missing persons or homicide questions. 

* Read Philosophy 101 terms that Vera might mention during your Intuitive Consultation.​​

Past Life Reading