Protester at Families Belong Together rally.

Another way we can make a difference is toward ending gun violence by not voting for Senators/Congress members who have voted no on gun control. Here is a link to search the names in your state so you can make an informed vote... (P.S. After you click on your state, scroll down to see the results. It didn't seem to work until we scrolled down)  SEARCH Your State

*note: We're not trying to take people's guns; we're just saying, why do we need AR 15s?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Angus -Master Teacher on the Other Side 
through hypnosis with Psychic Medium Vera  

Q: Does Angus have any advice for us? What can we do?
A: These children that are coming up from the last school shooting, they’re really sparking that spiritual warrior theme that they’ve all come in with. He’s saying we can do as much as we’re willing to do if you’re wanting to get involved in the political side…because these kids have got it. It sparked something in them and not just in Florida but everywhere. These young adults, it really activated their charts; they have awakened that sense of wanting justice. They’re tired of these politicians and are sparked on to do something to protest and do all this good stuff… they’re going to do it. They realize that we haven’t done anything so far, so they’re taking the reins so to speak, but we still should do something. We still can do something. It can be as much as going to rallies or in whatever we believe in...

Q: Because there’s so much? 
A: Yes…down to smiling at a person that normally maybe we’d just walk by. What he’s saying is, be more connected to other people and what they’re going through because we tend to take care of our own, kind of a thing. So, to really help this younger generation we have to start showing them that we care too, that we’re with them and we’re ready to do things to make changes. Because he’s saying they’re not showing that on TV, how people are rallying together. They just show the bad stuff or focusing on just one person (doing bad) instead of all the people that are doing something (good), that are making changes and not just worldwide but in their household.

So pretty much, take a stand. It doesn’t take much to call your Congress person and vote, and that kind of thing. If you want to do something locally, you can. 2018 is going to be a year of rejuvenation. It’s going to be going back to simpler. Even though it’s more complex with all the technology, still people are tending to go back to being neighborly and that kind of thing. There’s always going to be those that don’t because we’re on this planet to have that negativity to bounce off of to show who we are, but it’s as simple as just being kind, just being understanding. If you see something -say something, and that’s where people are realizing it does take a village, where before it was very individualistic, especially in America. 

Q: Individualistic isn’t working is it?
A: It’s not, and the only way we can make change is to be aware, be informed and do what your heart tells you to do.
Q: On different scales and in different ways?
A: Yes.

Q: Sometimes it feels so, I don’t want to say hopeless, but so overwhelming to get anything changed like with this gun law thing. I can see where it really is seriously almost like a revolt (like you said before) to get anything changed because now I don’t know how we’re going to vote them out with all the redistricting.

A: Yes, all that stuff is going to change. It’s not going to be in our life time, but it will be for our children’s lifetime. They’re the ones that are saying, “No! We’re not doing this anymore. If you don’t do something, we will!” It’s no more, “I can’t make a difference. I’m just one person.” That’s not the mindset with the newest generation that’s coming. These kids are intellectually aware…they’re the ones that are going to make the changes, but we still can pave that way to make it easier for them as long as we keep trying too.
You’re always going to have those who want to control. He's saying we’ve been asleep too long and we’ve got to open our eyes and see what’s really going on, but not everybody is inclined toward the political. Those that are, their chart is going to pull them like it’s pulling these kids. But we can make changes, those that aren’t, in other ways. 

And that diversity thing, the big “D” is what a lot of people are afraid of, but not as many as one would think from all that we’re being bombarded with like truth, lies, fake news… that is how our democracy was going to be abolished because people believe certain things.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Angus-Master Teacher on the Other Side 

through hypnosis with Psychic Medium Vera  


Vera: Angus is saying, stay passionate. He knows it’s challenging with how the world is going but it’s time for everybody to speak up and fight for what’s decent and right…and it’s not going to always be like this (Trump being in power).

Q: A teen taken at the U.S. boarder was describing 60 girls held in “ice box” cages? What is the purpose? What are they trying to do to these girls? 

A: It’s just the morality of those people is just…there’s none there. They don’t view these people as humans. It’s just like how black people were viewed like they were property or an animal. That’s where the spirituality is going to rise up and meet it and defeat it. But we can’t just sit back and not doing anything.

Q: Does Angus have a message for our viewers about this?
A: Yes, just do something. Even if it’s just smiling at someone who is different than you. It doesn’t have to be activism on a large scale. It could just be in your community, or in your family, teach your children to be kind and decent. There are others who have charted to do it on a large scale and it doesn’t mean anybody is any less who’s not doing it on a larger scale but doing it in any way.

So just don’t allow things to (devolve into) “Oh that’s just the way he (Trump) is” or “That’s just the way things are” because that apathy is death.

​He’s saying these people have lost their minds. He’s talking about the ones in Congress.

Q: When he says they’ve lost their minds, does he mean they’re completely not thinking and being pawns, or greed and power?

A: Greed and power, and they don’t want to be out (of their office/position). They’re so afraid, they don’t want to go against Trump because they think he’s the one that has all the power so they’re going to shift over there. If it was somebody else, they would’ve shifted over there.
All they care about is themselves and money. They don’t are about their children. They don’t care about their grandchildren, as long as they’re rich now and they have the power now. They don’t care that they’re ruining the environment. They just don’t care. Their attitude is they’re not going to be around for that much longer (on the planet).

He’s saying that Trump wants to be a dictator. He’s doing exactly everything that dictators do. The thing with Putin is he’s got him (Trump) doing illegal things on tape/video. The sex thing, they have that, but his group doesn’t care, even if they have that; but it’s the other part of it, of him doing illegal deals.

Q: So we just have to find a way, in many different ways, to go toward that end goal (the positive).

A: Yes. Nothing’s going to change unless you do something to change it. That’s with everything, not just politics -it’s life. You've got to move, or you die. Not just physically. He’s talking about emotionally, mentally…

He’s showing me how he would rally the men before battle in his Scottish life when things were not just. You can just feel that strength. That compassion gives you strength; and you can’t stop fighting. He doesn’t mean physical fighting because we don’t use swords anymore, butyou can’t stop caring, and that’s what people have done. That’s why we’re in the position we’re in, because everybody’s attitude was, “Well that’s just the way it is.”

But now it’s the women who are going to change things. That’s why Trump wants to put them down. He doesn’t want them to have power. There’s strength in numbers. This Roe vs. Wade is the tipping point because those men (in power) want the women crushed down. They don’t want them to be in charge of their bodies. They want it the way it used to be, way back when it was men in power. They don’t want women in power. Angus' is getting all riled up.

Christina: It makes me want to go fight them.
Vera: He said, we could do it too, the way we’re doing it through our businesses (he means all of us, not just 'us').
Christina: It’s that ripple effect.
Vera: Yes. He’s showing us a lantern, like to light the way.

One way we can make a difference is toward ending the separation of children from their parents who are looking to migrate and seeking asylum at the U.S. boarder. You can donate to Asylum Advocacy Project or find other ways to help those families HERE

Christina and her bother Kirk at June 30th Families Belong Together rally, protesting immigrant  children separated from their parents at the U.S. boarder.

Make A Difference!

Angel of Light

Q: In this time? That’s how the chart could go?
A: Yes. That’s where we have to make changes in various ways, even if it’s just within our own household. Not to be discouraged whenever other people don’t want to participate or they’re just as zealous with an opposite view…I guess there’s this big divide between political parties as Democrats and Republicans. It’s as if liberal is a bad word right now. There’s extremes in everything but what we had set up was working quite well until…I don’t want to sound political, but back in the 1980’s, that’s when things started really changing and people on that side got bolder while we were sleeping over here because we weren’t into politics or what have you. Things were happening where now we feel like it’s too late but it’s not. It’s never too late. So just be brave, is what he’s saying. Have courage. It’s not going to change overnight, but the way things are going, he’s showing me this big winding road that looks really dark at the beginning of it but goes to this golden…like the Wizard of Oz, on the yellow brick road. The more we keep stepping forward, the pavement lights up. So, there is light at the end of the tunnel but it’s something that we have to really, really focus on and just do our part. Whatever that might be, that you feel is right for you. It could be writing a letter. It could be making a phone call. It may be teaching your children not to hate because someone’s different. Hate is taught. We don’t come in with it. We come in with love, and it’s turned around or enhanced by what we grow up with.

He’s saying America’s not perfect. Not everything worked but what did work is everyone had a voice. And it was okay to (express yourself). Now if you have a different voice, it gets heated and people fight. People aren’t listening anymore…and greed…the big “G”.
God Chrissy, what he’s showing me with Trump, that man is soul-less. He has no empathy toward anybody or anything. It’s all about him.

Q: Was he a dictator?
A: He says he did something similar in a lifetime before… he very much admires that...he’s really into it. The spirituality is rising so, as much as that darkness is around, we are still going to be able to rise above it. It’s just going to take, because we’re so behind… I guess you can’t say we’re behind because we have a chart, but he’s put it like, we’ve just been asleep for so long in terms of just worrying about our selves, and with politics we felt like “I don’t count” kind of thing so they were able to do whatever. Democrats aren’t as… or the ones that are around now, there’s a few of them that are really, really good but there’s also a few of them that kind of enjoy the fringe benefits that these other people (some Republicans in power) are getting for themselves. So, there’s a lot of Democrats you have to get out too.
I see a lot of young adults going into politics and making changes. They are so much more open to people being who they are and they’re not afraid of a friend being gay or it’s an abomination of God and all that stuff. But there’s a lot of fear on the Republican side because they see it slipping it way.

Q: But how can we vote them out? They redistricted it.
A: That jerrymandering... you know who’s doing something? Obama. He’s saying Obama’s not done. He’s got, if you want to say power. He’s doing a lot of good things behind the scenes that people don’t know about yet.

Q: Does Angus think he’ll run again?
A: No. He’s saying, “Believe him when he said Michelle would divorce him.” (laughing) When he is long gone, he’s going to be one of the top Presidents, with all he had to deal with. He dealt with a lot.​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Q: In a trance session a long time ago, Francine (Sylvia Browne’s Spirit Guide) predicted eventually there wouldn’t be a President anymore and the power would go to a group of people who were experts in their fields and our country would be run that way instead of the political set up we have now. Does Angus see that as something still to come or would it not have to come to that?
A: Yes. He said she was seeing there would not be a President but not in a good way. That’s what this political group (in power) had... that was a silent agenda to make it more of a dictatorship. It’ll be that other way later on but it’s going to be in a good way, not a bad way.

Q: So, we’re still going to have a President, but it was a prediction on somebody who’s like a pawn?
A: Yes. He’s showing me a council later on.
Q: There’s going to be a President but there’s going to be like a governing council?
A: Right.

Q: Does Angus think that we’ll still have the Senate and all that?
A: No.
Q: Also too, because all these people (Representatives) are getting paid for seemingly doing nothing?
A: Yes, and paid for life.

Q: So it might not change in our lifetime; we can do what we can and do what we feel impassioned to do, and do our best, but it’ll be in the next generation that it’ll come to that where people take the control back fully at that time?
A: Yes. Right. It’s going to be way different.

Q: Does he think those changes are going to slowly start happening to where we’re not going to have all these Senators and all that stuff?
A: Right. What he’s showing me, it looks very space age. I can see where the Council sits.

Q:Is there something we can do as our Soul Tribe, as a spiritual community? Maybe ask to share our videos or messages, or raise awareness?
A: Yes, I believe he’s saying they’re already doing that, but what our community can do is what we’ve been doing, just take it a step further if you’re more politically inclined, because not everybody is and that doesn’t mean you’re not going to make changes. You can still make changes by how you run your household and how you teach your children. Just be the example of what a decent human being is. You might get knocked down but just get back up. Not everybody is like that -bright light, but just be that beacon.

He’s also saying that people who are really asking, “What more can we do?” are the ones that know what really, they want to do, they just want to rally everyone, that’s what their job is. Their chart is already pulling them. Your chart pulls you anyway, but not to feel bad if you’re not politically inclined, you can still make changes. You can help the environment; you pick whatever it is that you have that affinity for. If you want to grow a garden and eat healthy, be a champion for food. Be a champion for animals like Miss Pamella (PRT in Tracy CA) is. Or like what we do with our spirituality and giving people answers to situations. They know the answer, but they just need a little bit of information/input. Listening to people and showing them spiritual tools and why we’re here. It’s not just all materialistic and just surviving and all that. It’s having that spirituality like our ancestors did and that was slowly hidden away (over time), and he’s saying that’s not going to be hidden anymore. We’re going to be able to use our spirituality and it’ll rise up and spread light. Just be the example. That’s the least you can do.

He’s saying that most people are innately good. It’s just situations where other people try to knock you down. You don’t quit, you just get back up. And you can’t let these people, and I’m talking Congress and Senators and all that, run willy nilly, he says. They were running willy nilly and they’re just getting everything, setting themselves up and not caring about anyone else. Now they’re scrambling because they do not want to give up power.

Q: So maybe finding out the Congress member's names who voted against gun control, they just voted it down again this last week, and put that out there.
A: Yes! Be informed. Exactly.

Q: And try to vote them out, even though there is jerrymandering?
A: Yes, spread the word. He is saying, they (on the Other Side) are all there to help back us up on whatever we (the universal we) want to do.

Q: And it’s probably too early to tell which way it’s going to go, whether toward the end of this planet or towards a positive change? We’re still in the middle of all that?
A:Yes. That’s another thing, we’ve got to get this Mother Earth situation figured out and now. There’s no more time for, “Oh well, we’ll let our children fix it.“ No.

Q: So it doesn’t matter what political party, we need to get some people in there that care about the environment...
A: Yes. This whole thing with Trump, it was a plan from the beginning to destroy Democracy, and they’re doing a pretty darn good job of it.

Q: The people in control who have power behind the scenes?
A: Yes. But there are so many more people that have righteous anger right now that really want to make changes. It’s really sparked a lot more interest and such. These kids that are coming in, they’re not like how we were when we were younger. They are informed, they are aware, they are articulate, they are intelligent, and they are kinder. 

Q: Probably too because they’re more connected and informed about others?
A: Right. Yes. He’s just saying not to give up and it may look like it’s not going anywhere, that people are just going to keep doing what they’re doing, but it’s going to get a whole lot worse before it gets better and that’s part of the healing process, getting those abscesses out.

Q: Does he see us being able to vote these people out?
A: Yes. It’s going to take work, but people will do it. He’s showing me right now, whenever the person (our YouTube viewer) asked the question (about what we can do) people on the Other Side were going, “People care!” Even though they know, and it’s perfect on the Other Side, it was like that people (in life) are wanting to make change. I don’t know why he showed me that, but it was like heads started popping up, like, “We got one! We got one more!”

We hope you enjoyed reading this transcript. We will keep you posted on any new information from Angus through our episodes on YouTube and here on our site. Many blessings and stay strong, we are with you in spirit! 

-Christina and Vera💙💜

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