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Contacting & Utilizing Your Angels​​

October 21, 2017

9 am - 6 pm

Tracy, California

Discover how to contact and utilize your Angels for healing, mental acuity, depression, etc., ways they communicate with you, Angels you've had in other lifetimes, and newly uncovered information about the female Archangel along with artifacts Angels carry and how you benefit....and so much more!

This class contains new research from the Other Side with Psychic Medium Vera and Angel Artist Christina, featuring:

Part 1: Angels - The New Basics


  • The importance of calling on Angels

  • What are Honorary Angels

  • How many Angels we come into life with

  • How we accumulate Angels

  • Lateral movement in our Life Chart

  • Ways they communicate with us

Meditation for Openness, Awareness and Receptivity

Part 2: Protection & Nature of This Planet


  • Other Side's description of what we need protection from​

  • Why we're in life on Earth

  • "Lost-Light Souls" and how they affect us

  • The "Dark Side" of this planet

  • Techniques to protect ourselves

Meditation for Visualizing Protection

Part 3: Releasing Blocks to Receive Messages


  • ​Why haven't we been able to see or hear our Angels?

  • Spiritual Philosophy to release mental blocks

  • ​What the Other Side wants you to know

  • ​What to know about Prayers and Praying

Meditation for Releasing Negativity

Part 4: Guardian Angels and Archangels


  • ​The Purpose of Guardian Angels and every Archangel in the phylum, and how to utilize them

  • The Function of Guardian Angels and every Archangel, and how it applies to you and your life

  • Newly uncovered information of the Female Archangel

  • Newly uncovered information of powerful artifacts each Archangel carries and channels, and how you can benefit

Meditation for Awareness of your Guardian Angel

Part 5: The Higher Angel Phyla


  • The purpose of the eight higher phyla of Angels and how to utilize them

  • The function of the higher Angel phyla and how it applies to you and your life

  • Includes: Angel that 'Cocoons' us with love on the Other Side and while in life for healing, as well as those for insomnia, depression, past life recall....and more!

Meditation with all the Angel Phylum

Part 6: Your Personal Patron Angels


  • ​How we get our Angels

  • ​First meeting our Angels

  • How Angels help us even on the Other Side

  • What makes our Patron Angel specific to us and different from other Angels

  • ​What are Golden Key Angels and how they help us

Meditation to meet your Patron Angel

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  • ​Extras from the Other Side

Class Location details

​​​​​​​​​Contacting & Utilizing Your Angels class

Approximately 8 hours of class time