Testimonial ...

Hi Vera:
There are no words I have to thank you both and of course Angus for the information I received last night. I have listened to the recording numerous times and after the initial shock of the first time I have cried too.
Being betrayed in a previous life in a fire by my father is a great explanation for the anger I’ve carried internally for most of my life too.
About the allergies to cats and dogs, I actually had a allergy test a couple years ago and it did not show any allergies to anything including animals and I thought the tests were wrong, because my reactions are always so severe, and now I know they really weren’t wrong.
I had a extreme fear of fire as a child and went to bed every night afraid the house would burn while I was asleep and I would be trapped. I had a dream a couple years ago of being trapped in a small something (I could not identify what) and I knew there was heat and fire around me. I awoke from that pretty shook up.
One last thing I have to mention was the ornament with people holding hands with a candle in the middle mentioned by Vera/Angus. I actually had one of those for many years but I had it in a cupboard and something about it always bothered me so I got rid of it. Maybe I’m ready to get another one to help with the healing process.

God bless you and thank you for this service.
Lots of love and gratitude,

Connie B.

Vera (and Christina) during an Advice from the Other Side session/trance with Angus.

Testimonial ...

Dear Vera and Angus,

I just listened to my tape you sent me and I wanted to thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gifts with me. I never expected to get so much information. So many things make sense now. I am looking forward to sending in more questions. -Cindy A.


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This service utilizes Vera's God given gift as a Full Trance Medium. Through her unique abilities, and her connections to the Other Side, she provides deeper insight into her clients' personal questions and concerns.

A Full Trance Medium is an individual who has the ability, through trance, to be a physical channel. In Vera's case, through hypnosis, she steps aside, and a Master Teacher on the Other Side speaks through her to provide insight and enlightenment. 

That Master Teacher, most often will be Angus. He has vast knowledge and the ability to read your life chart. From this, he has a greater understanding in answering your questions and concerns about your current and/or past life(s).

On occasion, Vera is present to receive information from the Master Teacher rather than coming through her. This way of receiving personal insight is equally as profound and enlightening.

Vera's niche for nearly a decade, has been providing invaluable information which often features past life awareness. The information from our past-lives has proven over and over to be hugely significant in the understanding of our current life experiences. Learning the past-life origin and applying the suggestions given, has helped clients acknowledge that soul connection and feel a sense of relief in their current life.  

Many of the people she has helped, have asked questions that pertain to all areas of their life. This would include: spiritual, career, finances, social, family, health and relationships. 

Answers received through Advice from the Other Side may consist of: Past-life cell memory, emotional experience, trauma, charted influences, or spiritual lessons.  It is to your benefit to acknowledge and activate the information you receive by taking action in your daily life. 


We receive questions through email and provide an audio-recorded answer. All question/answer sessions can differ in length, depending on the information received from the Other Side.

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