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Angus keeps his name and visage from his favorite lifetime he had in 16th century Scotland. He’s lived many lives, running the gamut of experiences, gaining virtues, wisdom and keys to empowerment.

For this reason, he is a Master Teacher on the Other Side and his calling is to help you in your life. He gives messages through Psychic Medium Vera and focuses on empowering you to achieve all that you wanted in your life, learn your lessons and heal your soul from this and other lifetimes. 

He is a protector and carries the Sword of Strength to cut through the negativity of fear with light, knowledge and love. His sword is a tribute to Mother God Azna's sword with a two-headed falcon. He offers it to you, symbolizing taking up your personal mission to fulfill your purpose, life chart and be your best self.

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Angus with the sword of Strength

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Together we are a Psychic Medium, Hypno -therapist, Angel Expert and Spiritual Artist. We have united our experience, knowledge, and skills in Souls Enlightenment as a fully comprehensive spiritual source from which to gain healing for the soul, and achievements for life!

Souls Enlightenment is founded by two women with combined 50 years of experience in: past life regression, cell memory, hypnosis, angel expertise, spiritual counseling, motivational speaking and teaching spiritual classes.

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